Saison 1

Battle of the Alphas - Madagascar
Épisode 1: Madagascar

Watch as animals bite, claw, wrestle, and kill peers on their way to the top.

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Battle of the Alphas - Australia
Épisode 2: Australia

Journey to this island continent, where exotic locales are brutal battlegrounds for survival. Learn to throw punches with a kangaroo, dance with peacock spiders trying to get attention, and meet tiny ...

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Battle of the Alphas - Savanna
Épisode 3: Savanna

Stomp around vast African grasslands with the planet’s largest mammals. Face a challenger with a lazy hippo, train for a life of violence with a pack of wild dogs, go berserk with an infatuated elepha...

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Battle of the Alphas - India
Épisode 4: India

Battle for dominance and mates with fierce animals in this incredible, ancient land. Join a langur army as it invades a harem, prowl with a solitary tiger waiting for a challenger, lock horns with bla...

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Battle of the Alphas - Coastal Waters
Épisode 5: Coastal Waters

Travel to coastlines around the world, where conflict over food and accommodations leads to desperate battles for survival. Watch as penguins’ delightful dispositions turn toward murderous rage, and j...

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Battle of the Alphas - Canada
Épisode 6: Canada

Visit a cold, unforgiving land that’s home to the most vicious wildlife battles. Meet a bison who smashes its head to prove its might, join a polar bear standing its ground against an intruder, and co...

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Battle of the Alphas - South America
Épisode 7: South America

Witness animals struggling with their own kind over the choicest real estate. Learn to fight dirty with a guanaco, head-butt a fellow iguana to claim a piece of prime territory, and meet a hermit crab...

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Battle of the Alphas - Southeast Asia
Épisode 8: Southeast Asia

Experience the ultimate animal battleground as monstrous Komodo dragons fight using prehistoric strength. Flip rivals off trees with a beetle built to bash, start a street fight with a macaque over a ...

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Battle of the Alphas - USA
Épisode 9: USA

Explore a land of big horns, huge claws, flowing manes, and dance moves that could cut a dozen rugs. Smash skulls with bighorn rams, fight over lunch with a hungry bear, go hoof-to-hoof with wild stal...

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Battle of the Alphas - Europe
Épisode 10: Europe

Referee savage battles for dominance from the Scottish Highlands to the Alps. Chase rivals with a bleating red deer buck, keep intruders at bay with a wolf pack, join a red fox’s deadly dance, and ste...

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Battle of the Alphas - South Africa
Épisode 11: South Africa

Learn the clever ways animals avoid becoming a meal in a deadly land where everything is on the menu. Meet a fish designed to fail, fight crazed wildebeests, join a murderous mob of meerkats, and beco...

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Battle of the Alphas - Sub Sahara
Épisode 12: Sub Sahara

Travel to a spectacular land full of violent animals. Observe giraffes wielding their long necks as weapons, grab a meal with nature’s flying undertakers, feel the force of the deadliest kick in natur...

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Love Nature
Battle of the Alphas


Battle of the Alphas

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