Saison 2

Battle of the Alphas - Weatherproof
Épisode 1: Weatherproof

Steer clear of these alphas, whose horns, claws, and other protective gear keep them ready for battle, no matter what the weather dishes out. Examine killer Highland cow horns, plucky mallard bills, r...

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Battle of the Alphas - Agile
Épisode 2: Agile

Check out some fancy footwork and killer alpha moves. Catch a male brown hare throwing punches at his beloved, admire a sandhill crane dance battle, watch ibexes butt heads (literally) during mating s...

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Battle of the Alphas - Social
Épisode 3: Social

Meet alphas who get by with a little help from their friends. Discover the inescapable gang mentality of mating male dolphins, ponder ant colonies’ unique scents, find out why female geladas always ge...

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Battle of the Alphas - Scrappy
Épisode 4: Scrappy

Celebrate small but mighty animal warriors armed with sheaves of scary weapons. Admire nutrias’ stink bombs; honey badgers’ savage, needlelike choppers; black-tailed gulls’ razor-sharp beaks; and the ...

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Battle of the Alphas - Pointy Bits
Épisode 5: Pointy Bits

Avoid the swords, spikes, and deadly hood ornaments on these alpha hunters. Observe elands locking corkscrew horns, storks rattling sabre-shaped beaks, rhinos scaring the competition with massive horn...

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Battle of the Alphas - Scroungers/Scavengers
Épisode 6: Scroungers/Scavengers

Go scavenging with nature’s cleanup crew. See Tasmanian devils get into food fights with rivals; learn how dung beetles roll over the competition; view wild boars’ fierce mating strategies; and watch ...

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Battle of the Alphas - Colours And Patterns
Épisode 7: Colours And Patterns

Get a front-row seat to nature’s most spectacular fashion show. Admire the luxuriant blond manes of golden snub-nose monkeys, stunning pink flamingo feathers brought on by an all-crustacean diet, and ...

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Battle of the Alphas - The Big Ones
Épisode 8: The Big Ones

Learn why bigger is definitely better for these alphas. Go ringside for a gorilla wrestling match, stay away from pushy moose antlers, steer clear of long pelican bills that snap at any enemy within r...

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Battle of the Alphas - Power
Épisode 9: Power

Power up with alphas who use might to subdue enemies. Marvel when sea lions throw their weight around to win a mate, Cape buffalo deliver knockout punches, Canada geese hit hard with their wings, and ...

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Battle of the Alphas - Ugly
Épisode 10: Ugly

Confront alphas with faces only a mother could love. Inspect warthogs’ lumpy armour, giant African bullfrogs’ outsized jumping and biting skills, wild turkeys’ sharp beaks and razorlike spurs, and Nil...

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Battle of the Alphas - Loners
Épisode 11: Loners

Sidle up to lone wolf alphas who’d rather go solo. Take a glacial stroll alongside a Galápagos tortoise; dance with venomous European adders; watch a face-tearing battle between Lacerta lizards; and g...

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Battle of the Alphas - Chatty/Communicative
Épisode 12: Chatty/Communicative

Connect with Earth’s most talkative species. Meet capuchin monkeys, who definitely don’t take a vow of silence; endure Eurasian river otters’ chilling screams; face angry fruit bats’ loud complaints; ...

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Battle of the Alphas


Battle of the Alphas

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