Saison 1

Wildlife Icons - Africa's Big Cats
Épisode 1: Africa's Big Cats

Though Africa’s three big cats—the lion, leopard, and cheetah—live side by side, each has evolved a specialized set of hunting strategies that keep them from colliding. Take an in-depth look at the li...

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Wildlife Icons - The Big 5
Épisode 2: The Big 5

Life isn’t easy for Africa’s “big five” megafauna. Lions, leopards, buffalo, rhinos, and elephants face many threats, from competing for food in a limited landscape to avoiding hunters and poachers.

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Wildlife Icons - Dung Beetles: Nature's Recycler
Épisode 3: Dung Beetles: Nature's Recycler

Vital to the renewal of the landscape and deeply intertwined with the megafauna that tower above it, the industrious dung beetle is nature’s ultimate recycler. Delve into the fascinating world of thes...

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Wildlife Icons - Meet The Meerkats
Épisode 4: Meet The Meerkats

Follow a day in the life of a gregarious meerkat family in the mighty Kalahari Desert of South Africa. Led by a dominant female, the family must find food, tutor pups, and avoid predators in a scorche...

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Wildlife Icons - Savannah Life
Épisode 5: Savannah Life

The food chain of Africa’s savannah is a complex web of wildlife that entangles landscape-altering elephants, vast herds of antelope, apex predators, and a range of other species that have evolved to ...

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Wildlife Icons - Springbok and Impala: Life in the Herd
Épisode 6: Springbok and Impala: Life in the Herd

Africa’s charismatic megafauna receive a lot of attention, but the antelope have rich stories filled with daily struggles of survival. Two antelope species, springbok and impala, outnumber all the oth...

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Wildlife Icons - The Hamadryas of Awash
Épisode 7: The Hamadryas of Awash

Ethiopia is a land of extremes, home to mountainous highlands, vast river valleys, and parched deserts. And for each of these disparate environments, a fascinating primate species has evolved traits a...

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Wildlife Icons - Life in the Leftovers
Épisode 8: Life in the Leftovers

Lions may rule Africa’s food chain, but other species have evolved strategies that give them an edge. Like lions, hyenas are powerful hunters that rely on strength, speed, and teamwork, but they’ve al...

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Genres: Documentaire
Love Nature
Wildlife Icons


A number of iconic species call Africa’s mighty ecosystem home. Get an intimate look into their daily lives, as they struggle to survive in a challenging environment that’s constantly under threat.

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