Saison 1

Secret Life of the Kangaroo - Mob Rules
Épisode 1: Mob Rules

The Eastern Grey kangaroo is a sociable species, clustering together in small groups known as mobs. A mob is a social network focused on feeding, where members will come and go as they please, dependi...

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Secret Life of the Kangaroo - From Pouch To Foot
Épisode 2: From Pouch To Foot

Eastern Grey kangaroos are prolific breeders, but bringing up baby is fraught with challenges. Predators, climate extremes, and lively joeys mean kangaroo mothers face a daily struggle to keep their y...

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Secret Life of the Kangaroo - A Buck's Life
Épisode 3: A Buck's Life

Follow several different males as they roam the land, climb up the social ladder, and fight for their mating rights in Eastern Grey colony. For these bucks, the drive to perpetuate their species promi...

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À propos de la série

Genres: Documentaire
Love Nature
Secret Life of the Kangaroo


Visit the Eastern Grey kangaroo colonies of Sundown National Park in Queensland and the coastal resort of Anglesea in Victoria. Learn about mob-mentality, breeding rules, social hierarchies and life as a wide-eyed joey.

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