Saison 1

Orangutan Jungle School - And So It Begins…
Épisode 1: And So It Begins…

Head to the heart of Central Kalimantan, Borneo—home to one of the most unique schools in the world. There are 68 students in all, including class clown Valentino (who loves a short-cut) and class cou...

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Orangutan Jungle School - Movin’ On Up
Épisode 2: Movin’ On Up

Best buds Valentino, Madara and Utris are ready for the next stage of forest school. Baby Clarita is at long last reunited with her mother.

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Orangutan Jungle School - King Kasper
Épisode 3: King Kasper

Even orangutans have to watch what they eat. Find out if Beni can stick to a leafy green diet (and stop stealing food).

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Orangutan Jungle School - The Misfits
Épisode 4: The Misfits

There’s watery fun with group two as they visit group three’s flooded classroom. Ayu, Ruthie, and Kesi take a step closer to release.

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Orangutan Jungle School - A Whole New World
Épisode 5: A Whole New World

Now that albino orangutan Alba’s here, how will her classmates react? Plus, take a tour of the nursery school, see how Beni deals with a big bully, and watch as a few feisty females find their place i...

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Orangutan Jungle School - Weighs and Means
Épisode 6: Weighs and Means

Beni faces his weigh-in while Alba is back in isolation. Pujon reclaims his position as gang leader.

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Orangutan Jungle School - Handle With Care
Épisode 7: Handle With Care

Rescued orphan Josh needs his broken wrist examined, and Beni visits the dentist to treat his bad breath. Having overcome her typhoid infection, Alba is reunited with her old friends, but receives a f...

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Orangutan Jungle School - Teens, Tots and Tantrums
Épisode 8: Teens, Tots and Tantrums

It’s a first at forest school. Inside the clinic, the team meets a mysterious new creature.

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Orangutan Jungle School - Second Chances
Épisode 9: Second Chances

Clara and baby Clarita are strong enough to move to Bangamat Island, but are met with a hostile reception. Kasper is ready to be released in the wild.

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Orangutan Jungle School - Return to the Wild
Épisode 10: Return to the Wild

These orangutans have come a long way! Six jungle school graduates are finally set free, ready to start a new life in a National Park. Back at basecamp, clumsy climber Malika tries to keep up with her...

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Love Nature
Orangutan Jungle School


Orangutan Jungle School

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