Saison 2

Wild Dogs: Pack Vs. Pri - Back with the Packs
Épisode 1: Back with the Packs

Return to South Luangwa to see the new pups born to the mighty Manzi and the tiny-but-fearless Kakumbi packs. See yearling Snowy face a hungry hyena before a lion pride scatters Manzi mum Weka’s pups ...

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Wild Dogs: Pack Vs. Pri - Hunting with the Manzi
Épisode 2: Hunting with the Manzi

Run into a lion-hyena showdown with Julz as he hunts for the elusive Manzi pack, who are missing four of their precious pups. Then join Henry from the Zambian Carnivore Programme on a house call to th...

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Wild Dogs: Pack Vs. Pri - The Missing Manzi
Épisode 3: The Missing Manzi

Join Julz and park scout Simon Chulu as they track the Kakuli pack, who they filmed last year, and a Manzi faction who’ve ditched a tracking collar and broken away from the group. Spot the Kakumbi mak...

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Wild Dogs: Pack Vs. Pri - Kakumbi Are Vulnerable
Épisode 4: Kakumbi Are Vulnerable

Encounter an elephant as Julz and Henry from the ZCP track the Kakumbi pups, who face off with a stubborn, razor-tusked warthog. Follow Thandie Mweetwa, ZCP’s lion specialist, who counts the prides th...

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Wild Dogs: Pack Vs. Pri - Tragedy Strikes Kakumbi
Épisode 5: Tragedy Strikes Kakumbi

Feel your heart race when the Kakumbi tree a leopard who’s been stalking them. Join Julz on a ZCP lion-collaring mission, go fishing with scout Simon, explore mealtime pack hierarchy, and witness a he...

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Wild Dogs: Pack Vs. Pri - Manzi the Superpack
Épisode 6: Manzi the Superpack

Head back to the den with the Kakumbi, who are mourning the loss of two pups. Chance upon a hyena den and a lion pride trying to take down a buffalo, then catch up with the Manzi, who are in a standof...

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Genres: Documentaire
Love Nature
Wild Dogs: Pack Vs. Pri



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