Saison 1

Land Of Primates - Lemurs of Anja Mountain
Épisode 1: Lemurs of Anja Mountain

Millions of years ago, castaway creatures were stranded on the rugged shores of Madagascar. Left to evolve on their own, they’ve found a way to perfectly adapt to their tropical climate.

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Land Of Primates - Lemurs of Madagascar
Épisode 2: Lemurs of Madagascar

Dig deeper into the lives of lemurs. What makes them thrive in Madagascar? How have they come to colonize all areas of the island? Get to know these fascinating arboreal primates in all sizes, colors ...

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Land Of Primates - Wanderers of the Lost Forest
Épisode 3: Wanderers of the Lost Forest

Hogsback, South Africa, is home to two fascinating primates: The Samango monkeys and the Cape Parrots. See how they overcome habit loss, travel across town for food, and make the most of a difficult s...

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Land Of Primates - Baboons of Bambelela
Épisode 4: Baboons of Bambelela

The Bambelela Troop is a successful and gregarious troop of Chacma Baboons that live in a pristine valley in the Waterberg Mountains of South Africa. But they have a problem—they’re not the only baboo...

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Land Of Primates - The Geladas of Ethiopia
Épisode 5: The Geladas of Ethiopia

The gelada is a rare monkey that lives in the Simien Mountains of Ethiopia. They’re charismatic, vocal, and mix affection and confrontation.

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Land Of Primates - Baboon Lagoon
Épisode 6: Baboon Lagoon

It takes teamwork to survive in the De Hoop nature reserve. Watch as a group of Chacma baboons travel for food, deal with internal conflict, and try to earn each other’s trust.

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Land Of Primates - Africa's Baboons
Épisode 7: Africa's Baboons

As humans take up more space, the baboons of Africa must adapt. Travel across the continent to watch them form unbreakable social bonds, serve to protect their families and survive a changing landscap...

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Land Of Primates - Zanzibar's Poison Monkey
Épisode 8: Zanzibar's Poison Monkey

Off the coast of Tanzania, baby Kima lives with his family of red colobus monkeys. But what happens when he loses his way? Discover how this little monkey learns to adapt to life in the jungle—and fin...

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Love Nature
Land Of Primates



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