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Into The Wild India - Growing Up Gibbon
Épisode 1: Growing Up Gibbon

Hoolock Gibbons are specialists of the Indian Jungle. Living in close knit families, youngsters spend years learning the skills to survive.

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Into The Wild India - Land of the Secret Rhino
Épisode 2: Land of the Secret Rhino

The grasslands of Northeast India are one of the most fertile habitats on Earth, allowing the rare Greater One-horned Rhino to survive. Follow baby rhino Rajah and his mother as she shows him what it ...

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Into The Wild India - Wild Stallions of the Himalayas
Épisode 3: Wild Stallions of the Himalayas

The Ladakh plateau is a land of extremes, but the Tibetan wild ass is the king of this grassland. Follow one stallion as he shadows a herd of females for his chance to sire the next generation, but in...

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Into The Wild India - A Sloth Bear's Dilemma
Épisode 4: A Sloth Bear's Dilemma

In a land of searing heat and tropical storms, life on the plains of southern India is tough. But Bibi, a female sloth bear with two cubs, is up for the challenge of her life as she fights against dro...

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Into The Wild India - Rana: Queen of the Jungle
Épisode 5: Rana: Queen of the Jungle

One of the most iconic animals on Earth stalks the jungles of India: the Bengal Tiger. Over the course of a single day, follow the fortunes of one mother and her three young cubs as she forages for fo...

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Into The Wild India - Youngsters of the Desert
Épisode 6: Youngsters of the Desert

A young lion cub must survive as his family is torn apart, two adolescent leopard cubs must fend for themselves after they are abandoned, and a young adult blackbuck must risk life and limb as he trie...

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Into The Wild India - Rajan Monkey on a Mission
Épisode 7: Rajan Monkey on a Mission

Rajan is the powerful alpha male monkey who sits at the head of an unusually large troop. He has done well to sustain this big tribe, but the future doesn’t look good as the mouths to feed are growing...

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Into The Wild India - Temple Monkeys on the Run
Épisode 8: Temple Monkeys on the Run

In the ancient city of Jodhpur, the luxurious Temple Gardens are home to a troop of Hanuman Langurs who enjoy a peaceful life of bounty. But when a troop of young males attack they are forced to flee.

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Into The Wild India - Nagaina: Queen of Kings
Épisode 9: Nagaina: Queen of Kings

In the hot forest of Southern India, a female King Cobra is on a mission: to find a mate, find food, and lay eggs before the monsoon arrives.

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Into The Wild India - Path of the Matriarch
Épisode 10: Path of the Matriarch

In southern India, the summer is a challenge for Asian elephants who must drink every day. As things dry up, Anura, the matriarch, leads her herd to a distant watering hole.

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Genres: Documentaire
Love Nature
Into The Wild India

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